Your feedback

These are all quotes from our feedback questionaire we ask of everyone who has used our services.

• Once again, thank you.  DPN and my advocate have been of great assistance and I feel less wary of the bureaucratic system knowing that yourself and the DPN organisation are there to support us.

• Thank you very, very much for all the support and listening to me and understanding what I am going through.  It means a lot to me. I could have gone with other advocates but I don’t think they would have understood the issues like you and DPN.  You have really helped to take things forward. I don’t know how I would have coped without you.

• Just a note to let you know we were successful with our appeal and it was all down to your help and specifically the information you provided from the DSCF.  The panel were positively shocked when we quoted this and were surprised we hadn’t been given a place originally. Thank you very much for your support – we really appreciate it.

• It has been really good knowing that there is someone on the other end of the phone who I have been able to off load onto. I would not have had anyone else to talk to about this.

• You have been really helpful with signposting information and people to me.  The DPN forum is great to get information off other people from. It is also really good to talk to other parents with a similar disability because I have learnt new coping mechanism sand techniques on how to cope with my illness and situation.  You just have to get on with it don’t you?  I have learnt how to do that with your help as I was struggling to come to terms with my illness when I first contacted you.  Thank you ever so much.  You do a brilliant job.

• Speaking with another parent with a similar disability was excellent as I got things from their perspective too.

• The information allowed me to obtain the necessary support.

• DPN got me more determined to get out more.

• The fact that there is an organisation out there who you can talk to is brilliant. I am also armed with lots of useful information.

• It is good to know that there is help out there and I can ring if I need to.

• You have been a good help and provide a good service.  All the web links and communication and advice you have given me has saved me the trouble of phoning round all these places to find the right people to help me.  Thank you.

• The kids are off the at risk register now.  Having someone to talk to who is not judgemental, who listens to what you are going through and understands as a parent and is able to provide you with useful information helps to keep you sane.

• The information I have received has been really useful and also the websites, equipment and access to services.

• We now have HOPE. We know we are not alone and are in a community of like-minded people.

• The information sent to me has been really useful. It is good to know there is someone there I can ask.

• DPN service was very friendly and helpful.

• DPN is outstanding and understanding me helps me feel less isolated.

• Some of my friends don’t understand my diagnosis-just like the system. DPN does.

• I am feeling completely understood by the DPN support service. The service is priceless.

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